Established in 2008 in the refurbished Cobb and Co stables. The brewery has added an attraction to Tooborac and the region. The ability to sample the hand crafted beers over the bar in the hotel or sit down and relax on the lawns in front of the brewery with a ploughmans lunch adds to the enjoyment of the visit.

The stables housed weary horses and travellers in the late 1800s on their way to the gold fields have been transformed into a modern facility that provides quality ales to satisfy the weary traveller even today. So in a twist a tradition of providing relief has been maintained. In honouring tradition we have named our beers after the men and women who toiled in local countryside to make it their home by their trades.

Beers such as the Shearers, Stonemasons have been brewed to quench the thirst whilst the Woodcutters and Blacksmiths are designed to sit down with in the cool of the evening or beside an open fire to sip and reflect on the days activities. Our brewers are continually improving the quality and consistency of the beers to make sure that we never produce a bad one. We even allow them to now and then produce a limited release of their own interpretation, the Brewers Own. We are proud that we use local produce and ingredients to brew clean unfiltered beers using the same methods that the people who built this country. The Tooborac Hotel and Brewery brews a beer that respects tradition.