The Brewers at Tooborac draw their ideas from the traditional recipes for beers. Instead of brewing lagers and ales to match the larger commercial breweries. THB has embarked on a journey to make classic tasting beers available to the every growing legion of craft Beers drinkers. Part of this journey is to make beers to honour the working traditions of Australia. An example is the Shearers lager has been brewed to quench the thirst with clear refined taste that slides down the throat easily whilst the big tasting beers such as the Woodcutters ale have been brewed so the drinker admire the subtle glow of the beer in the evening light and savour the taste as they discuss the days events.

The brewers  are continuing with this inspiration in taking the craft beer lover on the journey with the recreating of beers made to more historical recipes such as the Indian Pale Ale brewed with a high volume of hops so it would not spoil on the long boat trips to India. Dark German Lagers for the October Fest held each year at the hotel premises or the upcoming scotch ale.

We see life is a journey so we might as well have a beer that suits each step along the journey as well.