the_brewery_processThe art of making beer has be around for several thousand years with the first known beer to have been produced in Iran whilst the romans drank beer before switching to the more popular wine leaving beer making to the germanic people.

The actual process is quite simple throw some grain, such as wheat or barley, into a bowl add hot water to change the starch in the grain to sugar. Drain off the liquid and place into a kettle, boil it to kill any nasties, add bitterness (hops), cool it and then add yeast and wait for a few days or weeks until the yeast has done its job of converting the sugar into Alcohol. Chill, Bottle and drink.

Thats it in a nutshell but to brew a consistent, good quality beer requires dedication to detail and repeating the same steps exactly as before. Recipes have been created across the ages from Wheat beer in early Egypt, Bitter Ales in Medieval England, Indian Pale Ales in the 1800s to the modern lagers from Germany. They are all made to an exacting recipe and process.

The Brewers at THB can take you on a beer journey from the dark ales to light lagers.  They used traditional recipes such as an Indian Pale Ale, Porters and Lager  with tweaking to satisfy the modern palate.

  1. Obtain large quantities malted grain. Around 150kg is required to produce 500 litres of beer.
  2. Roll or Crack the grain to break the husk and expose the starch to water. Very similar on the pressing on a garlic to crack its husk and remove the fruit.
  3. Add hot water to the cracked grain and then use the husks to naturally filter the mixture.
  4. Move the mixture to a kettle to boil it to kill any impurities and then add the bitterness (hops) to the solution.
  5. Cool the entire mixture down to 12 degrees Celsius and add yeast.
  6. Leave fermenting for a few weeks for ales and multiple weeks for lager.
  7. Once the yeast has completed its work, chill the mixture to 3 degrees Celsius to clarify the beer further.
  8. Place the chilled beer into bottles or kegs.
  9. The bottled beer or kegs are allowed to sit for period of time to settle before chilling.

The overall process to make beer from grain to something that is pleasant to drink is about 2 weeks timeframe and around 7 weeks for lager or big style beers.