Tooborac Hotel is a heritage listed building built in 1857 whilst the brewery is housed in the rebuilt Cobb and Co stables of the same era.  History and tradition runs through the foundations of the buildings with solid bluestone walls in the main building to the open beams in the brewery.   The atmosphere can take you on a journey back to the times when a open fire was the main source of heat in the hotel to use of local materials such as granite and roughly sawn timber for the outside picnic and eating areas.

Bush rangers roamed the region in the 1850s holding up stagecoaches on the way to the goldfields in Heathcote and Bendigo regions, the Hotel played its part with stables for Cobb and Co coaches.  Weary travellers and horses stopped at the Hotel so they could have a rest from the harsh travelling conditions of that time.  Stories of ghosts haunting hotel such as that of a local rabbit trapper who was a part time bush ranger with the jingling of chains in the middle of a dark night is from his traps. Or the jangling of lock-up keys on the belt of the constable who shot the trapper in the upstairs hallway. Others say it is from the knocking knees of the long-past drinkers who witnessed the shooting of Bunny the trapper who fell in a hail of bullets.

It’s only a few of the old locals who remember this story being passed down. And, even though there is no written history to verify their belief, you can tell from their eyes they know it’s true.

There’s lots more history to the Tooborac Hotel and Brewery. Drop in for a drop and see for yourself. But don’t ask to meet Bunny the Trapper.